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Active in Medical Field Since 1988

IGBE has been actively involved in the medical field since 1988. It has proactively participated in the developing and servicing of all medical needs to medical centers, to include marketing of medical uniforms, footwear & accessories. Achievements have and will continue to be accomplished through our research and development drive reflected in our own proprietary line of products, coupled with the licensing of state-of-the-art products from other companies and/or co-distribution agreements with them. Our historical experience extends also to designing, managing and running of medical institutes given its association with Dr. Omar A. Ghazzawi Polyclinic over the years. IGBE believes in working closely with its clients to better understand and fulfill their apparent as well as hidden needs.


International Outstanding Achievement Award 2015

IGBE (L'ami Retail Stores) has been an outstanding distributor in Saudi Arabia by our strong commitment to the promotion, sales, and servicing of customers with SPI products. We have certainly set the standard high for other distributors to follow. In recognition of our efforts and hard work, Strategic Partners Inc., decided to present us with the International Outstanding Achievement Award 2015.


Over 20 years experince within the construction industry

IGBE is dedicated to making this statement by standing as the Exclusive Agent of Cherokee, L’homme pionier, RW and many other brands throughout the Middle East. Our lead is your destination to contemporary fashion line options at moderate price points characterized by the quality of an impressive array of modern edge clothing, footwear, genuine leather products and much more….suitable for both men and women. IGBE has proven its excellence in selecting category world class products which have spoken the symbols of quality as well as exclusivity. Our commitment... dressing you in the best possible manner and not withholding continuous development of our product lines, by way of feedback from our greatest asset — "our valued clients".


Fashion is for everyone yet style makes an individual

IGBE has been in the construction field for over 20 years. Its development resume includes the construction, renovation, maintenance & decoration of office buildings, apartment buildings, villa’s, palace’s and other real estate settings. With our vast experience in construction, we configure the knowledge and perspective necessary to meet our clients' requirements for safety, workmanship, time delivery and value-for-money. In terms of innovation, we invest in the research and development of new imaging and technology products to complement our own new and unique architectural designs and state of- the-art land marks. We believe in serving with a manner of integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and equality to our valued clients.


Profession that exceeds client expectations

For many years, IGBE has privately held full fledged services of Real Estate ownership. Services include the buying, selling and renting of land, apartments, pent houses, villa’s and various real-estate properties, all situated in prime locations of highly attractive and desirable destinations; primarily in the Middle East. IGBE provides solid, consistent and creative support to accommodate rapid development of land plots tailored to customer convenience, and proactively seeks to improve real estate quality, value and services being rendered. The luxurious finishing's with the highest quality of material, unique style, and deluxe standards are a mere exemplification of our assurances. IGBE Real Estate - profession that exceeds client expectations through continuous Innovation and Creativity!

Real Estate

Security and safety go hand in hand

LGN’S job is to find the most secure digital means for connecting your customers with other customers in the safest possible manner. This in return will encourage individuals and organizations involved in the software development fields across different industries to thrust digital security procedures and awareness applications in their business life cycles. GPS tracking devices, telephones and CCTV camera systems are a mere example of LGN’s latest technology to servicing these needs. LGN’s security Products are tailored to provide you with the most accurate security detection devices for a "better way of living".


Internet made life easy

L’ami Outlets® for Medical Uniforms & Accessories is the exclusive agent for CHEROKEE Medical Uniforms & Accessories in the Middle East, featuring a wide range of colorful scrubs, stylish lab coats and comfortable medical footwear.

#1 website for medical uniforms & accessories in the middle east & south africa. L'ami Online Shop

#1 website for medical uniforms & accessories in the middle east & south africa. L'ami Online Shop


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